Stories by the Yard

Annie Spratt, Unsplash

And so it begins…

I’m Sharon Gray, and I’m a professional proofreader  –  Bedwas Editorial Services – and in this blog I’m going to review the books I’ve just finished. Sometimes they will be books I’ve picked up randomly at the library; sometimes they will be books I’ve been asked to review by a publishing marketer (I’ll always tell you when they are).

I’ve been a bookworm as long as I can remember – just ask my sister (or my husband for that matter) about struggling to sleep because I needed to keep our bedroom light on at all hours of the night. This blog is as much for me as it is for you because I generally read books as entertainment rather than enlightenment or education, and, just like watching films, sometimes I can’t remember whether I’ve read something. I know some people like to re-read their favourite books but I don’t; what’s the point when I know how it’s going to end! I find it frustrating when, a couple of chapters in, the plot begins to seem familiar and I start to suspect that I’ve read this book before. Sometimes I plough on, but most times I stop, knowing that by halfway through I will have remembered the ending and I won’t want to read anymore.

So, this blog will serve as a reminder for me, a look-up to see whether I have read something, as well as a resource for anybody looking for a recommended read. Enjoy!

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